• LOCATION: 3586, Thamel, Paknajol, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhote Koshi River Clean-Up Campaign Kicks Off

Nepal Association of Rafting Agencies (NARA) kicks of the "Bhote Koshi River Clean–Up Campaign 2017" at  Khadichaur suspension bridge area and ends to Sukute Beach on April 3rd and 4th 2017 (Chaitra 22 and 23, 2073), Sundhupalchk.

 NARA president Chandra P. Dahal exposed his visions with the slogan of " Save our Rivers as Heritage Rivers", "Save the Rivers for Tourism", "Save the Rivers for White Water Rafting" and "Keep our Rivers always Clean"  in a  clean-up campaign. Our minimum effort can be change so effectively that can be save the rivers for the tourist, ecology, human settlement, white water rafting and livelihood. Mr. president requested, this kind of awareness campaign must  be continue by the local community and clubs as we done to Trihuli River. Local Club representative responses and assured  to make the campaign been continue. He said Bhote Koshi has their sacred relation since the birth to death, it touches their native land to make them fertile each and every seconds . Local media and Kantipur reporters request to be aware and sensitive for their poor management system, aware them who even don't know himself doing wrong .

In the program NARA Executive Committee, Tourism Associations, Tourism Enterprenaurs and local club & communities were presented to make the campaign effective. The program was promoted by NTB, Organized by NARA, Supported by HARGAN, Rafting & Canoeing Association and Local Club and Communities. In the clean-up campaign NARA Executive Committee has handover garbage bags to local club. Participants collected garbage, animal bones, under garments, plastics bottles and other materials from the river sides. Participants started using by eight rafting boats to clean rivers side garbage headed from Khadichaur and ends to Sukute Beach.  In the evening NARA organized an interaction program at Sukute Beach Resort. President Mr. Dahal response media question of  Bhote Koshi Clean-Up Campaign long after been at Trishuli. Past President of NARA Mr. Mahendra Singh Thapa fears and clarify about the cause and effect of landslide of Jure, worst development condition of Bhote Koshi River and mining of sand and concrete from the river basin. If you spoil the bottom of the mountains no water would be left for drink, huge investment  could go in losses, turbines can be left in pieces of rust and there is no doubt empty hydropower dams can be left  behind you. So join our hands each other to prserve the planet green.