• LOCATION: 3586, Thamel, Paknajol, Kathmandu, Nepal

NARA Rescue Team in Operation to Tarai Region

NARA EC 53rd Emergency Meeting form the five members "Flood Rescue and Help Committee" 1. Mr. Surya Joshi-Coordinator 2. Ganga P. Nepal-Member 3. Bhisma Raj Thapalia-Member 4. Shekhar Bdr. Thapa-Member 5. Nim Bdr. Magar-Member on Aug. 13, 2017. Rescues Team of NARA have been working to Tarai areas since the couple of days with rafting gears to rescue the flood victims in a joint co-ordination of Armed Police Force of Nepal. In NARA history, organization has been playing a vital role in rescue mission whenever nation faced natural disaster and human catastrophic of flood.

First NARA Rescue Team, who are contributing to save the life of flood victims in Tarai region:

Mr. Mohan Gurung

Mr. Kamal Gurung

Mr. Ram Bahadur Panta

Mr. Krishna Pariyar

Other team is in standby position for instant rescue. If you have any information of possible flood catastrophic that we can save it please contact at NARA office or Rescue Committee Officials as listed below:

Surya Joshi---------------- 9851032549

Vishma Raj Thapaliya - 9849086833

Ganga Prasad Nepal---- 9851050355

Shekhar Thapa ----- 9851076038

NARA Office: 977-01-4700020, 4700212

Hands for hands to save the people from any natural disaster, save the lives from any human catastrophic ...